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Empowering Your Maid

We are firm advocates that foreign domestic helpers should be empowered with appropriate skills and competency to add value to employers. Hence, when they arrive on our shores, we conduct an orientation programme to assist with blending them culturally and socially with local conditions.

On a regular basis, we visit these foreign domestic helpers and see how they are getting on at the employers’. We plan refresher courses at our Singapore training centre to update and upgrade their domestic household tending skills.

Employers can be rest assured that the foreign domestic helper we recruited will be a great asset for the family. Employers can focus on their career development, business or work and leave the minding of the household to their maids.

All that will be needed is an occasional guidance and mention but don’t forget to shower compliments whenever your foreign domestic helper has done exceptionally well.

Working in a cross-cultural environment, and being thousands of kilometers away from home, you can understand they do miss home and can sometimes lose concentration. But complimenting your foreign domestic helper can go a long way to foster better commitment, effective communication and bonding with the family.

The results can be tremendously satisfying, so empower your foreign domestic helper as we leverage on our resources to catalyst the empowerment in the first instance.