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About Comfort Employment

Comfort Employment Pte Ltd was established in 1999 as a licensed and accredited employment and recruitment agency specialising in the recruitment of qualified foreign domestic helpers from Indonesia, Philippines,  Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Helm by human resource professionals with more than a decade of human resource management training and experience, we seek to ensure our clientele benefits from the efficiency and dedication of the domestic helpers that we recruit.

Affiliated training centres in Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Singapore provide relevant training to hone the domestic care skills (including care of old folks and the invalid) of potential foreign domestic helpers. Besides providing training, we also help towards integrating these foreign domestic helpers into Singapore’s cultural practices within the social fabric of families and relatives.

We conduct stringent psychological assessment tests to determine the suitability of intended foreign domestic helpers to minimise any inconvenience that may arise for the prospective employers. Only after carefully accessing these test results will we recommend them to our clientele.

Ongoing assessments and skills upgrading and tests are conducted to ensure standards are not compromised for the employers.

We also update our affiliated training centres on the latest technology in home appliances and equipment that have come on stream in the households so our training programmes will remain relevant and appropriate.

Our Motto:

To provide the best and well-trained foreign domestic helpers to our clients' total satisfaction.

Our Mission:

It is our corporate priority to meet our clients' needs for an efficient and effective foreign domestic helper so the family can benefit from the work of these foreign domestic helpers.

Please feel free to contact us for any of your recruitment and manpower requirements.